Beginners Guide to Making Money Online

Beginners Guide to Making Money Online

Every niche markets these days are heavily competitive; you can definitely expect it to be hard to make money online. There is hope thought, let me explain.

First you need to make sure you pick your niche or subject is wisely, for example a there is many Doctors but each problem you have or encounter you will likely see a Doctor that specializes in your problem. So if you are just getting started online you definitely need to pick a niche and stick with that niche.

You should aim to pick a niche that is targeted but at the same time make sure your niche has a good size audience. For example say you sell ice cream, but instead of selling more than one flavor you only sell cookie and cream (my favorite) am sure you won’t make as much money as the average ice cream sellers, because you are limiting your business.

But on the other hand say you sell ice cream, popsicles, cupcakes and a variety of pastries. Then you would be known as the place to go to buy desserts.

But say as a beginner you sell all that was previously mentioned and you try to also sell everything else you can get your hands on like clothing, Jewelries, Everything you can find, what would happen to your business? It would become overwhelming and it will struggle to take off.

It would be hard to market to the right customers and your competition as a beginner would be super high. But if everyone knows you as the desserts guy and over time you build a Fan base of loyal customers; you decide to bring in a new product it would be much easier for you to market and sell your products.

So my advice to you as a beginner is as follows:

Choose a Niche that people are passionate about.

Build a fan base using social media

Gain their trust and prove yourself as an authority figure

Create a product that will make their lives easier

Sell the products or Market the products to them

Continue to be there for them

Please note that this advice that am recommending to you is the basics to Building a long term online business so you can consistently earn from it.

Now if you want to make money faster you can:

Build an audience or pay someone to advertise to their audience, but how can you advertise if you don’t have a product? Well you can either build your own product, become an affiliate or do drop shipping (in the case of Ecommerce)



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