Hivemicro Review

Hivemicro Review

In this blog post lets look at Hive Micro, the company that pays you to do small task. Many have wondered can you really earn $10 per hour with Hive Micro ? Well today we will do a complete Hivemicro Review and see if you can really earn $10 per hour with this company.

Please watch the video down below that i published on my Youtube channel, it will give you a complete review of hivemicro. Please also comment down below and let me know if you benefited from this video.This complete hivemicro review video it what i have noticed and its my opinion so please take it with a grain of salt.

So what do you think? can Hive micro be a full time job for you?

If yes then good for you but honestly i don’t think its worth spending your time on, you can do a lot more with Sunfrog and selling T-shirts online. Watch my complete sunfrog shirts tutorial —> HERE 

HiveMircro also have some very bad reviews from users, some say they have not been paid, while on the other hand some say they paid. At the end of the day you have to weight  your options , i find that if you spend 5 hours on this website you probably will only earn couple cents and for me that is unacceptable, if i spend 5 hours working i expect to atleast earn $50 minimum.

Well i hope you like my Hivemicro review video, if you don’t leave a comment below so i can know how to improve it.


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