How To Make Your First $50 Online

How To Make Your First $50 Online

In this video i recently made and uploaded on my YouTube channel, i showed how i make over $50 US dollars with affiliate marketing. If you are new to this term “Affiliate Marketing” please click the link to visit an article that i have entirely on affiliate marketing.

Please watch this video that i have put together for you, it will show you how to make your first $50 online and or how to make money online.

I am sorry i rambled so much in this video, but to be honest i did really treat my subscribers poorly.

As you my notice i showed you two was that i use to make about $50 online.

  1. Sunfrog – This is a T-shirt selling website that pays you to promote and to create designs. “Click here” To find out more.
  2. Ebay – i simple find a cheaper source on the internet for items that are selling on ebay and resell them on ebay.

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