What Is Jaaxy

In this blog post we will cover what really is Jaaxy and how does it work?

We will also cover so you can make the most of it with your keyword research.

Learn what is jaaxy and how to do keyword research, i will show you how it all works.

So as you may know keyword research really is the research that you would do to find a specific keyword that corresponds with your niche. Generally the more targeted your keyword the better the outcome or results whether it is to get traffic or to make a sale.

It is always a good thing when you’re able to rank in search engines for specific keywords and get traffic from that keyword it is a good feeling, it’s also a good motivating factor when you see traffic coming in whether you advertise or not,

Have you ever tried advertising with Facebook or AdWords?

If so then you know the struggle of finding or rather get in traffic to your website or blog post or offers. I usually tend to ask myself is it better to advertise on Facebook or adwords or to just spend time and invest in search engine optimization, that is finding low competition keywords and trying to rank for those so that I can get traffic.

Because if you think about it big search engines like Google and Yahoo and Bing they need quality content to serve their audiences, so because some keywords don’t have much quality content ranking for that keyword the search engines tend to really love when bloggers pay attention to the low competition keywords.

Now What is Jaaxy?

Jaxy is a keyword tool that allows you to analyze, track and brainstorm different keywords, this tool is so effective because it not only provides you with the number of searches per month for a specific keyword but it also tells you how competitive it is and how much other websites or trying to rank for that specific keyword. It also has a feature where you can see what position or page your website is ranking for a specific keyword.

Now they offer a free 30 searches per month plan as well as they an upgrade where you can get unlimited searches and other unlimited features too, if you are a new blogger or new to dropshipping or niche marketing then this keyword tool is definitely for you.

You should definitely look into it using Jaaxy before you even think about writing a post because it will help you to see if you will be able to rank for a specific keyword plus it will also help you if you’re starting a new website what domain to choose.

So in this blog post we covered what is Jaaxy and how it can be used if you are new to blogging or niche marketing. Thank you for ready and I will see you in the next post.

Check it our here – http://mmonow.club/jaaxy


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