Who is the Dropshipper ? 2

Who is the Dropshipper?


The drop shipping business is a global business that spreads across all businesses and continents.  The Dropshipper may be right around the corner from you in a large building with enough space to store a variety of merchandise. On the other hand the Dropshipper may be on the other side of the world.  If you place an order today for merchandise you may receive it from Japan, China or anywhere in the world.

The varied modes of good transportation today make it possible to ship items within a two to three day period from anywhere in the world. Because of the dropship business more goods and services are available to people all around the world. The Dropshipper has made it possible to get things at a faster pace.

Who is the Dropshipper?

Therefore any business with the necessary resources can become a Dropshipper.  In order to be a dropshipper there are certain things you must have in place. There are four basic things needed to become a Dropshipper. They are money, facilities, merchandise, and staff. Money is always top of any list of needs in business.

Distribution facilities are usually not lavishly furnished as other office space. After all dropship facilities are not usually open to the general public.  Therefore there is no need for lavish chairs to accommodate clientele.  Therefore you will see plenty of storage and hauling equipment scattered about in these facilities.

A Dropshipper needs to have resources and contacts to get merchandise as cheap as possible in order to sell wholesale.  The Dropshipper will find it also necessary to travel abroad and or make contacts with merchants to get goods to wholesale.  A large number of products that Dropshippers sell come from places like China, Japan, Taiwan and other countries abroad.

So who are some Dropshippers?

The Dropshipper can be any business that has the necessary resources in place.  So you can definately trust Dropshippers. It you want a few example of some Dropshipers i use i wll list them down below. You can use them to support your Ecommerce business and start distributing products without having inventory.

Gearbubble is an amazing crowdfunding platform. That allows you to not only sell t-shirts but also. Several other products as well! Gearbubble allows you to sell high quality productsGearbubble is an amazing crowdfunding platform. that allows you to not only sell t-shirts but also. Several other products as well! Gearbubble allows you to sell high quality products without ever having inventory.

Dropship from Gearbubble –https://goo.gl/moKt4R

Bangoods have over 70,000 products across a wide range of categories including: apple accessories, cell phones, electronics, RC toys, LED lights, clothing, beauty, jewelry, and watches.  Every product they sell have been carefully selected to offer the best quality and highest value.

Dropship from Bangoods – https://goo.gl/1pHqDO

Another is Aliexpress they are a very Popular Chineese website like Bangoods but they have more products.  http://www.aliexpress.com/


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  • Leslie Alston

    I ran across your Dropshipping video on Youtube than I subscribed to your blog and the Dropshippers that you listed in this blog post, I already subscribed to them. Please keep creating these blog posts and videos. They are definitely helping me in my Dropshipping business.